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Moov Studio has been named as the best video production company in Armenia by Clutch!


Help your customers learn about your business without burning too many calories

Animated video is a small investment in your marketing. but, this investment can help you:

Increase conversions

Video marketing is proven to be successful in 86% of the cases. Explainer videos not only increase relevant website traffic but they also significantly improve conversion rate.

Easily get your message through

Complicated concepts are no longer an issue with explainer videos. Whether it’s on your website or social media, your message will be seen, heard and understood.

Be different

Build and increase your brand awareness among your target audience. AND, stand out among competitors.

They’re interactive

96% of people turn to videos to learn more about a product or service. Do you need more proof to get started today?

Research proves that explainer videos help increase sales by 32%.

By making your message easier to understand, you can increase conversions and make the purchasing process more seamless.

Our creative team will work effortlessly to deliver the best quality videos and even exceed your expectations. We’ve worked on 1500+ projects from 47 countries and our experience covers pretty much every field: from real estate to healthcare, from finance to AI and more.