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Moov Studio has been named as the best video production company in Armenia by Clutch!


We create killer explainer videos that make it easy for your customers to understand your business. Let us do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the results.

Our creative process


The first stage of our creative process includes the development of the concept and script of the animation, as well as the creation of the storyboard.


The second stage includes the creation of style frames, illustrations and voiceover.


The third and final stage includes creation of the animation, choosing the right sound effects and background music to finalize the project.

Animated videos are a smart investment for your marketing strategy, and here's why:


Video marketing has an 86% success rate in driving relevant traffic and improving conversion rates.

Effortless Message Conveyance

Explainer videos simplify complex concepts and keep your audience engaged.

Stand Out

Animated videos help differentiate your brand and increase awareness among your target audience.

Interactive and Engaging

96% of people turn to videos to learn about a product or service. Take advantage of this trend and start reaping the benefits today!

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Expert Feedback
Project Manager
A-Z production
Same Day "No Delay"Communications
Seriously Respected Deadlines

Research proves that explainer videos help increase sales by 32%.

By making your message easier to understand, you can increase conversions and make the purchasing process more seamless.

Our creative team will work effortlessly to deliver the best quality videos and even exceed your expectations. We’ve worked on 1500+ projects from 47 countries and our experience covers pretty much every field: from real estate to healthcare, from finance to AI and more.